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Trait vs Behavior Theory
– A great similarity is that both methods emphasize the existence of something visible
the actions that any leader should be able to perform in any situation.
– Behavior is “a factor” in the sense that, again, it is believed that leaders should show something
doers of common personality or mental practices, but says these can be aroused
from any other at any time, and that no one is more powerful than another.

– Behavioral theory and ethics are two similar forms of questions about success
leadership. They both see leadership as a purposeful set of qualities or actions
it must be understood. They differ as to who can improve these behaviors.

Trait vs Behavior theory
The difference
– Behaviorism is a form of “democratic” theory. Being a leader, according to
a school of behavioralist thought, it is just a matter of proper training, while quality
the theory is that a leader must have certain traits inherited from him.
– Take, for example, two people. Another was born in a weak family home
he loved and was known for allowing people to use them. One was born in the middle
a house full of powerful bosses and those often referred to as “born leaders”.

– In extreme cases, a person from the former house will develop the habit of slavery,
while the second person will develop immunization habits.
– In terms of morals, if their upbringing had changed, each of them would have done it
they develop in a different way, so anywhere can equally be a good and responsible leader



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