Competition Law Scholarship 2022 In Germany

Competition Law Scholarship 2022 In Germany. Applications are now open for the Intellectual Property Protection and Competition Law Scholarship. MIPLC is part of the DAAD scholarship program for “Development-Related Postgraduate Courses”. MIPLC’s LL.M. program “Intellectual Property Law and Competition Law” is a highly specialized, international and interdisciplinary program taught in English and designed for postgraduate students from different educational, professional and national backgrounds. Competition Law Scholarship 2022 In Germany.

Study Without IELTS:

This DAAD scholarship is only offered for the Master of Laws in Intellectual Property and Competition Law. The program combines one year of full-time, rigorous, intensive study with practical experience and relevant extracurricular activities to enable graduates to address intellectual property issues in a global context at the most sophisticated level. Competition Law Scholarship 2022 In Germany.

The curriculum covers all areas of European, American and international intellectual property and competition law. In addition, it includes courses in related fields such as economics and business administration. Competition Law Scholarship 2022 In Germany. The program is structured to cover both common law and civil law traditions, thus giving graduates a comprehensive understanding of both legal systems and enabling them to function successfully in any professional context. Competition Law Scholarship 2022 In Germany.

The Munich Center for Intellectual Property Law (MIPLC) is located in Munich and is jointly operated by the Max Planck Institute for Innovation and Competition, the University of Augsburg, the Technical University of Munich and the George Washington University Faculty of Law, Washington, DC Munich, also known as the European “capital of intellectual property”, is the seat of the European Patent Office, the German Patent and Trademark Office and the German Federal Patent Court. Competition Law Scholarship 2022 In Germany.

Summary about Competition Law Scholarship 2022 In Germany:

Host institutions: Munich Center for Intellectual Property Law in Germany.
Field of study: Master of Intellectual Property Law and Competition Law.
Number of honors: Not specified.
Length: normal program length.
Eligible Countries: Open to candidates from developing or newly industrialized countries (click here to download the full list of eligible countries).

The deadline for applications is 15 October 2022.

Scholarship Benefits:

This university scholarship program will provide successful applicants with: Competition Law Scholarship 2022 In Germany.

  1. full waiver of MIPLC fee
  2. monthly stipend of EUR 850
  3. payments for health, accident and liability insurance in Germany
  4. travel reimbursements if these costs are not covered by the home country or another source of funding
    allowance for study and research. .
  5. a mandatory two-month German course before starting the MIPLC LL.M. program (August and September, in Munich or another German city).
  6. Since the DAAD scholarship includes a full fee waiver, you must apply for MIPLC financial assistance at the same time.

Latest Scholarships Must Apply:

Eligibility Criteria:

You are eligible for a DAAD scholarship if you meet the following requirements in addition to the MIPLC admission criteria. You:

  • are from a developing country (according to the  OECD DAC list);
  • have not lived outside your home country (or another developing country) for more than two years.
  • have at least a four-year bachelor’s degree (or a three-year bachelor’s degree plus another degree), completed with above-average results. Competition Law Scholarship 2022 In Germany.
  • have obtained their most recent degree no more than six years prior to application.
  • have at least two years of full-time professional experience acquired in a public administration or state or private company in a developing country. To fulfill this requirement, it is sufficient if you have completed two years by February of the year in which you intend to start your studies at MIPLC. University researchers and academic staff are not the main target group of this program and are therefore only considered in exceptional cases.

Application instructions:

To apply for admission, please click the button below to go to the online application page. Make sure you have completed all the tasks below as indicated on the application page. Competition Law Scholarship 2022 In Germany.

  • Step 1: Apply for admission to MIPLC;
  • Step 2: Apply for MIPLC financial assistance;
  • Step 3: Complete the DAAD Scholarship Application Form. See Application Instructions for details;
  • Step 4: Make sure your file is complete and contains the following items;
    • MIPLC admission application form;
    • MIPLC Financial Assistance Application Form;
    • DAAD Scholarship Application Form;
    • Required documents for each form;
  • Use the checklist to make sure your application is complete. Please also note that the DAAD is very strict, especially when it comes to requiring letters of recommendation and evidence of your professional experience to be printed on official paper, stamped and signed
  • Step 5: Submit your application. Please upload all required documents to Cryptshare.
    Since MIPLC receives many applications, please be advised that only complete and timely applications will be strictly considered by the Admissions Committee. Incomplete or late applications will be rejected. Competition Law Scholarship 2022 In Germany.


Further details of the Intellectual Property and Competition Law Scholarship can be found on the university’s website.

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